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saa, couple months ago I went to the cinema and watched Underworld: Awakening with chibi_bisque and AzuraShion. then come out this shou-hiroto idea for a new story. but instead of vampires, I'm thinking about cyborg and high-tech city in the future like Macross but darker xDD
Saa, this is the teaser, but still un-beta-ed >_<
let me know if you found this interesting, it will reeeeally encouraged me to post this story ^^b


Must… go… quickly…
She's… waiting… for me…
Must… go… quick—</i>

The thick glass of the huge aquarium tube finally crushes. The tall figure fall down to the silver coloured floor together with the broken glass and ice. Shou opened his eyes, his skins and lips are still slightly blue, his hair still frozen, and his body still trembling slightly. White smokes come out from the air conditioner-like, freezing everything it touches. Shou focused his mind, concentrate before he gritted his teeth, concentrate the power on his arm and finally break the chain that locked his arm. It didn't take too much time before he break the chain on his legs too. Outside the room, Suzuki has ready with the security guard, fully weapon. All gun's eyes are aimed to the steel double door of the room where Shou is. Suddenly loud bang was heard from inside.

"Steady…" Suzuki said to his man.

The loud bang was heard once more. Something inside is tries to break out. Loud bang was heard again before it becomes silence. Suzuki and his men still stay alert. Several moments of silence has pass. He gesture one of his man to open the door. One of the guards pulls back his gun and walk to the side of the door to open it. But suddenly, loud bang was heard but this time with the steel thick double door break and flung away crushed hard against the security guards along with Suzuki. Next, it was the huge aquarium tube that flung away. The nose-strap man whining in pain, he feels his head is bleeding. He was trapped under the thick steel door. His gaze blurry but he still can heard the loud noise from the gunfire before it turn to be the sound of people's scream and bone cracked.

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March 11, 2012


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